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Optical link Can module

The optical alternative to the coaxial cable with wide dynamic range up to 3 GHz

HEMERA RF also distributes High speed and Low speed Module (CAN & LIN applications).

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Bus can optical module

Bus can optical module

Optical transmitters for different kinds of signals are available

optical link

optical link

Optical links and accessories

The optical link is designed for the transmission of analogue electric signals (CW and pulses depending on models)

9 kHz - 3 GHz

200 Hz to 3.5 GHz

80 Hz to3 .5 GHz

Analog signals

Digital, optical transmission of analog signals, up to 16 channels, different bandwidths, resolutions, and input voltages available

Automotive links

Optical transmission of CAN, Flexray, K-Line, LIN, LVDS, SENT, SPI, PSI5 signals

optical fibres

optical fibres

optical fibre for probes, cameras, connectors and lenght on request