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Distributed brands

HEMERA-RF is a representative of European manufacturers for EMC and microwave products. The advantages of this policy is to provide a close and fast support.

EMC & RADIO softwares
for immunity and radiated applications. Civil and milatary standards. Monitoring video software also available.


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Dare Instruments Isotropic field probes Radisense®, switch units Radiswitch®, powermeter Radipower® 6 GHz, 18 GHz or wireless, generator Radigen®, optical link Radilink®.
Accredited laboratory for RF test Equipment. -

See our Dare products
Antenna mast, tripod, turntable, probe stand
European manufacturer

See our Maturo products
Maschek. Fieldmeter, Sarmeter for controlling and recording electrical and magnetic fields.

 See our Maschek products
Pulse generators for MIL standards conducted susceptibility tests, according to MIL-STD-461 CS106, CS114, CS115 and CS116 test methods.

 See our Montena products

RF Solid state amplifiers*, EMC applications, Class A (10 kHz - 6 GHz up to 12 kW). French Manufacturer Iso 9001 - www.prana-rd.com

emc amplifier in Sweden, in Turkey, in Poland.

See our Prâna products

Measurement antennas

See our RF Spin products
EMC antennas ,Broadband antennas , LISN, Tem cells.

See our Schwarzbeck products
Omnidirectional dipole antennas, measurement systems
Antennas, probes calibration

 See our Seibersdorf Laboratories products
Siepel anechoic chambers, reverberation chambers, microwave absorbers, shielded rooms, shielded rack, cabinets. http://www.siepel.com/

See our Siepel products
manufacturer of High voltage test Equipment. ESD simulator, burst/surge generator, conducted immunity test generators...http://www.hilo-test.de/

See our Hilo Test products
York EMC Comb Generator emitters, harmonic & flicker generator, comparison noise emitters, cable coupling clamp, active reception antenna. http://www.yorkemc.co.uk/

See our York EMC products

Antennas, Nearfield probes, LISN, CDN, absorbing clamp, transient limiter...

See our Com-Power corporation products

optical modules, Optolan, optical link, ....


The high power amplifier is a non-linear device allowing to amplify a small signal to a significant level.

All the MC2-Technologies amplifiers are based on solid states devices and present very specific advantages across the market.

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TWT amplifiers, pulse solid state amplifiers, TWT pulse amplifiers