RF power amplifiers for broadband applications such as electromagnetic compatibility testing, instrumentation and radio communication. All amplifiers meet the requirements of the EMC test standards, Extended range (Bonn, MC2, Prana, etc.) ) particularly adapted to severe test conditions (high impedance adjustment)

Solid state Amplifiers

  • CW solid state transistorized amplifiers: 10 kHz – 60 GHz
  • Pulse solid state amplifiers: 10 kHz – 40 GHz
  • Solid State Amplifiers Frequency xx MHz – 40 GHz

TWT Amplifiers

Hemera RF also offers TWT amplifiers for more specific applications. Amplifiers scalable in terms of power, development according to particular specification. 
  • TWT amplifiers : 800 MHz – 40 GHz


Made in France or Europe, these amplifiers benefit from a fast service in France.