Our range of services concerns the metrology of measuring devices related to EMC and hyperfrequency applications: spectrum analyzer, receiver, wattmeter, oscilloscope, field probe, antenna, ESD gun, clamp, calibration jig, RSIL… as well as the Faraday cages and echo chambers.

We work with accredited European suppliers, offer COFRAC or equivalent calibrations and combine our value-added in terms of equipment qualification and verification.

All our calibrations are performed by ISO 17025 certified laboratories and accredited by an MRA signatory organization (COFRAC compatibility).

  • standard calibrations according to COFRAC recommendations
  • custom calibrations programs tailored to your specific needs
  • adjustment and verification (calibration) for checking the manufacturer’s specifications
  • measures to control RF shielded rooms or anechoic chambers (new or existing installations). accreditation ISO/CEI 17025 (portée 1-6220 disponible sur