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Equipment for CEM Measurement, RF – Hyperfrequency

CEM and Radio Measurement Software

Measuring equipment calibrations

One ultimate aim

To establish a long lasting partnership with our customers and suppliers through human relationship as a priority.

For 10 years now HEMERA RF has been an independent 100% French company relying on strong inhouse engineering skills plus the craftmanship of its suppliers in order to guide its customers from the study and consulting phases to installation and maintenance.

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Our range of services concerns the metrology of measuring devices related to EMC and microwave applications: spectrum analyzer, receiver, wattmeter, oscilloscope, field probe, antenna, ESD gun, clamp, calibration jig, RSIL…


Some of your devices are out of warranty or more maintained by manufacturers, you now have the opportunity to have them appraised by third-party companies to find an alternative and control your costs.



Do not hesitate to contact us for rental: instrumentation, measuring accessory or power amplifiers. A quick consultation with our partners will allow us to respond quickly.