Faisability studies 

Financial and Technical Solutions

HEMERA-RF offers the most suitable technical and financial solution for your needs, taking into account your requirements:
Premises: location, environment, access constraints,
Techniques: existing materials to be integrated, standards, applications
Financial: budgetary constraints
by offering you a solution with a single turnkey contact.


Projects Management

  • Personalized and qualified project management: a HEMERA engineer as a single contact, consulting force, experienced, mastering the normative aspects, the implementation of materials.
  • Deadlines and logistics controlled and respected thanks to your unique interlocutor




  • System of generation of very high power in Reverbering chamber,
  • Set of measuring systems combining reverbering chamber, anechoic chamber and control shielded room,
  • System of measurement in accordance with CISPR 25 and CDC Manufacturer
  • Multi-purpose system of measurement for civil, radio and military testing
  • System of pre-qualification measurements for civil and industrial tests,
  • Multipurpose measuring system for EMC & Radio testing,
  • System of automatic antenna polarization measurements for automotive and military testing…

Interfacing and integration solution

Our solutions include interfacing, integration and instrumentation commissioning services:

  • Instrumentation qualification
  • Instrumentation integration
  • Performance tests
  • Support, after-sales service Technical assistance by the person in charge of the file from the beginning of your project for installation, start-up and training
  • Possibility of preventive and corrective maintenance of all equipment
    After-sales service available 5 days a week and adapted maintenance offers
  • Deadlines and logistics controlled and respected thanks to your unique interlocutor.
  • Renowned references at the level of: Institutional authorities, Industry, Research, Laboratories, etc.