Calibration services

HEMERA RF selects accredited French and European calibration service providers and then validates the programs with the user.

HEMERA RF handles the round-trip transport, coordination, and monitoring of the calibrations.

By entrusting this responsibility to HEMERA RF, you free up your teams, and thanks to meticulous joint planning, the activities of the laboratory are maintained

Accredited ISO 17025 / non-accredited

Our service offering includes the calibration of measurement devices intended for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and high-frequency applications: spectrum analyzer, receiver, wattmeter, oscilloscope, field probe, antenna, ESD gun, clamp, calibration jig, RSIL… as well as Faraday cages and anechoic chambers.


Calibration is the process of comparing a device to a measurement standard. Calibration will give you the “deviation” of your device, or how far it has drifted from its nominal value, whether it’s a volt, an ampere, or a degree Celsius. The measurement standard itself has been calibrated by a more precise standard, and this process is repeated until the calibrations are connected.

Intermediate checks, or equipment verifications, are measurements taken at shorter intervals than your calibration cycle to verify that the device is still within acceptable performance limits.

This is an often overlooked, but vital, part of maintaining accurate measurements for users. This process can help detect errors in your measurement chain before it’s too late.

We work with accredited European providers, offer COFRAC or equivalent calibrations, and bring our added value in equipment qualification and verification.

  • standard calibrations compliant with COFRAC recommendations,
  • custom calibration programs tailored to your specific needs,
  • adjustment and verification (calibration) to check manufacturer specifications,
  • performance measurements for Faraday cages or anechoic chambers (new or existing installations).
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