Project support and management

The company also provides turnkey project management.

In France, HEMERA RF is among the very few design firms offering ‘anechoic chambers / EMC test rooms / GTEM cells + instrumentation + software.’

HEMERA RF acts as the main contractor and fully meets the client’s requirements.

The project is managed according to the following steps:

  • Validation of performance guarantees,
  • Establishment of acceptance procedures,
  • Definition, procurement, and installation of equipment,
  • Definition and installation of anechoic chambers, with the associated measurement cage or GTEM cells,
  • Acceptance testing for anechoic chambers and measurement cages,
  • Acceptance testing for measurement benches,
  • Commissioning of the test system,
  • Training,
  • Documentation handover.


Following this, Hemera RF handles the calibration management for all test and measurement equipment.”