EMC test equipment for conducted and radiated emissions

HEMERA RF offers test equipment and software for conducted and radiated EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) testing from DC to over 50 GHz. This equipment allows for measurements in accordance with standards such as EN, ISO, DO, MIL-STD, or for performing pre-qualification tests. Hemera RF collaborates with the most reputable suppliers in the market.

RF, EMC, and wireless testing demand specialized antennas tailored to specific functions. While some models focus on generating electromagnetic fields, others are optimized for EMI suppression or antenna pattern analysis. Our extensive antenna catalogs address these diverse requirements, spanning frequencies from a few kHz to 140 GHz. Additionally, we provide antenna mounts and positioners tailored to each unique application. At Hemera RF, we also offer related calibrations to ensure accurate and reliable testing results. Furthermore, as part of our comprehensive offerings, we provide state-of-the-art e field generators to complement our range of testing solutions.