TEM Cells & GTEM


Montena TEM cells (tri-plate cells) are well suited for immunity testing to electromagnetic fields of small objects according to European (CE) and automotive standards (SAE J1113-24 or ISO11452-3) or for biological experiments. It is very easy to control the functions of the equipment under test. Another very interesting application is the calibration of field probes because the field inside our TEM cells is known with high precision.

REFPlate heightFrequency rangemax field levelNota
TEM22036.4 cm0 to 220 MHz800 V/mopen TEM cells
TEM50014.7 cm0 to 500 MHz1.5 kV/m
TEM10007.4 cm0 to 1 GHz2.6 kV/m
TEM30002.5 cm0 to 3 GHz5.6 kV/m



Frequency range : DC – 20 GHz depending on models

set up height: 250 mm up to 2500 mm

many options and accessories available: electrical options, gas, water feedthrough plates, honeycomb panel, Fans, Empty technical panel, trolley