Electromagnetic Field probes up to 18 GHz & accessories

Radisense electromagnetic field probes for EMC application
Isotropic field probes operate without battery,  laser power:

Radisense 4  : measures from 10 kHz to 4 GHz, from 1V/m up to 1.000V/m.

Radisense 10 :  6 antennas :

Radisense 10 I/B : measures from 9 kHz to 10 GHz, up to 12 GHz –  from 1 to 750 V/m

Radisense 10 S/H: measures from 20MHz to 10 GHz, up to 12 GHz – from 1 to 750 V/m

Radisense 18 : measures from 30 MHz to 18 GHz


probe stand European manufacturer dedicated to EMC test.

Electric & Magnetic field monitor

Maschek offers a range of easy-to-use and quickly available equipment to control and record electric and magnetic fields.

These products are used in the fields of training, research, industry, labour protection and people. They are essential for compliance with current standards and for the detection of parasites in all electrical devices.

ESM 100 :
Electric & Magnetic Field Meter
Portable measuring device
Patented Electric and magnetic field strength.
Frequency range : 5Hz – 400kHz
Numerous available options: FFT, tripod, GPS…