RF, EMC and wireless testing require special dedicated antennas. Some models are designed specifically for electromagnetic field generation other for EMI or antenna pattern. Our antenna catalogs cover all these needs from a few kHz to 140 GHz. We also offer antenna mounts and positioners for each of these specific applications. Hemera RF also offers related calibrations.


Hemera RF offers several types of EMC antennas that meet international emission testing and radiated immunity standards:

  • horn antennas
  • biconical antennas
  • Rod antennas
  • loop antennas
  • whip antennas
  • dipole antennas
  • biconologist antennas
  • hybrid antenna
  • logperiodic antenna

These antennas meet the measurement needs of the aeronautics and space, defense, automotive and industrial sectors, as well as academic and research institutes.



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Antennas for 5G+, IoT and Wireless trials up to 140 GHz

Measuring antenna performance for these applications requires specific models:

  • single-polarization broadband antennas (double ridged antennas and TEM horn antennas)
  • dual-polarization broadband antennas (quad ridged horn antennas and periodic log antennas)
  • other antennas (pyramidal horn antennas)
  • custom antennas


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