RF power amplifiers for broadband applications such as electromagnetic compatibility testing, instrumentation and radio communication. All amplifiers meet the requirements of the EMC test standards, Extended range (Bonn, MC2 Technologies, Prana, etc.) ) particularly adapted to severe test conditions (high impedance adjustment)

Solid state Amplifiers

  • CW solid state transistorized amplifiers: 10 kHz – 60 GHz
  • Pulse solid state amplifiers: 10 kHz – 40 GHz
  • Solid State Amplifiers Frequency xx MHz – 40 GHz
  • dedicated accessories: directional coupler

TWT Amplifiers

Hemera RF also offers TWT amplifiers for more specific applications. Amplifiers scalable in terms of power, development according to particular specification. 

  • TWT amplifiers : 800 MHz – 50 GHz
  • Pulse or CW TWT amplifiers
  • dedicated accessories: directional coupler, filtre, termination, waveguide, attenuator…


Made in France or Europe, these amplifiers benefit from a fast service in France.

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