Shielding solutions and absorbers

Hemera has been collaborating with SIEPEL for more than 10 years. In France, SIEPEL is at the highest level with shielded solution and absorbers. Their workforce (60 employees) and the means of production are grouped together on a single site in La Trinité-Sur-Mer, Morbihan France:

R&D resources, design office, production units (electromagnetic shielding and absorbents), Measurement division, quality and maintenance services, etc.


These engineering and support skills are a guarantee of quality, responsiveness, and flexibility throughout a project

Shielded Rooms and anechoïc chambers

A full range of anechoic chambers (10 kHz -110 Ghz) meeting EMC, Radio, antenna measurements standards.

Reverberation Chambers CRBM

These increasingly used test means for military, aeronautical and automotive applications:

  • have the ability to produce strong fields (several hundreds or thousands V/m) that are statistically isotropic and uniform, with optimized input power (generation). They meet MIL STD, DO, EN and automotive standards
    allow high electromagnetic field levels in high frequencies while keeping instrumentation costs as low as possible.


Experience and research have enabled SIEPEL to propose and install solutions for both military and industrial applications in France and abroad.


Electromagnetic absorbers manufactured at its production site in Brittany.

Absorbers are factory tested during the various manufacturing stages to ensure high quality products. Reflectivity performance is monitored in Siepel laboratories.

Wide color range to customize each installation

– Mechanical strength (excellent aging strength)

– Flexibility

– Compliance with fire resistance standards (NF, NRL, Euroclass, etc.)

– Excellent reflectivity performance and time retention